Gardening Questions

seedling-tomato-3381130_640“Watch where you step!”

“Stop fighting over the trowel.”

“The trowel, it’s the little shovel thing you tried to hit your sister with.”

“Just a little bit of water, not the entire bucket!”

“Watch where you step!”

“Okay, you need to replant that tomato plant.”

“The plant in front of you that is floating away.”

“It’s called a millipede.  No, they don’t bite.”

“Well, what do you expect when you stick a bug in her face?”

“Watch where you step!”

“Yes, you can study gardening in school.  It’s called Agriculture, your cousin, Charlie, has a degree – watch where you step!”

“Charlie is the one with the creek behind his house.”

“Yes, and the dog who likes to swim.”

“Those are squash seeds.  This is corn.”

“No, we are not going to make popcorn.  It’s just normal corn, like corn on the cob.”

“Honestly, I don’t know what kind of corn makes popcorn.”

“Yes, we can google it later.”

“I know you don’t like peppers, but Daddy does.”

“We plant them because we love Daddy.”

“Watch where you step – you’re smooshing a tomato plant.”

“No, he’s not my Daddy; it’s just easier to call him that sometimes.”

“Yes, Daddy and I are married. We took the plunge.”

“Pull the dirt up around the base so it doesn’t fall over.”

“Took the plunge is just another way of saying we got married. Like jumping into a pool.”

“No, it wasn’t actually a pool. It’s just an expression.”

“Yes, I watched where I was stepping. Thanks, baby.”


Author: creek2river

Cheryl Kula lives on a mountain in WV with her husband, Ted, and her two daughters. After years of assuming that her children would always have four legs, she is now a happy mother of two precocious daughters. Her first children's book is Play Day with Daddy.

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