Redefined Life

I am flawless.

A stack of books for company,

A rare steak and red wine on a Tuesday,

A ring on my finger purchased by me, for me.

I cuddle with the kitty,

Watch the late shows,

And sleep soundly in the middle of the bed.

Successful solitude.


And then He came.

He talks to me while I’m reading,

Orders greasy Mexican take-out,

And buys extravagant gifts I didn’t know I wanted.

He pulls the kitty’s tail,

Controls the remote,

And dominates the bed with his sprawled frame.

Absolute adoration.


She has arrived.

Angelic blue eyes command notice,

Before she’s off and running, dropping Cheerios.

With a pout, whatever she wants, she gets,

Except the fleeing cat.

She’s hidden the remote.

I sit by her bed and wait for her breath.

Prized perfection.

Author: creek2river

Cheryl Kula lives on a mountain in WV with her husband, Ted, and her two daughters. After years of assuming that her children would always have four legs, she is now a happy mother of two precocious daughters. Her first children's book is Play Day with Daddy.

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